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Thorough testing ensures optimal solution

A leading plastic processor based in the US Midwest has invested in a M&J pre-shredder to upgrade an already leading position in the market. A consumer of PE and PP plastic scrap incoming streams, including contaminated mixed plastics and streams with a fair amount of contaminants such as metals. Their proprietary system sorts, washes, and grinds a wide spectrum of post-consumer, post-industrial, and post-commercial plastic with the end goal of creating sustainable products like composite rail ties and pallets. In a coordinated effort with the customer, M&J Recycling ran several demos at the customer’s site before finalizing the optimal fraction size for their specific process.  Since seeing is believing, it was in the best interests of both parties that the time and effort was put into fully proving the concept, and to quantifying the process efficiency gains achieved by utilizing the pre-shredder. It was ultimately decided that using an M&J PreShred 4000-6 on crawlers with samurai knives achieved the results the end user was hoping for.

Ensures a stable flow for recycling

Asynchronous shredding keeps the plastic constantly moving, and the aggressive knife design means that no pushing device is required. This particular solution proved to be the perfect fit for the customer. Bales of 200-liter bins, rigid plastic bales such as toys, toolboxes, and other bulky plastic items are shredded with minimal issues while substantially increasing uptime.  After quantifying the increased efficiencies gained, the end user promptly proceeded to implement the M&J Recycling shredder in the process. With the industry-leading pre-shredder at the front end of the plant, a stable and predictable flow has been achieved and the daily production goals have finally been reached. The company’s ambitious and concrete plastic recycling goal – to divert 120,000,000 pounds of plastic away from landfills and waterways per year – is now within reach.

The company

The company is a polyethylene and polypropylene reclaimer specializing in recycling diversified material streams, including post-consumer large mixed rigid plastic (MRP) and post-industrial rigid plastics.

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