Meet us at Clean India Expo 2023

When the Clean India Expo 2023 takes place in New Delhi on March 29th, M&J Recycling will be there. 

Did you know that 75% of the municipal waste in India is dumped without processing? That means that tonnes and tonnes of valuable materials are wasted, with great implications for the environment.

At M&J Recycling, we are ready to help change that, and we believe that our industrial waste shredders play an important part in it. Our pre-shredders and fine-shredders are designed to facilitate improved sorting and recycling of waste resources so that components can be sorted, sold or used again – for example in sustainable energy production – benefitting the environment as well as local businesses.

We are committed to fight for a circular economy and therefore, we are pleased that The Clean India Expo is organized as part of the 8th Smart Cities India Expo 2023, in order to showcase recycling equipment, waste-to-energy solutions and solid waste management.

Vinoth Pitchay will be attending the expo. If you would like to know more about how our industrial waste shredders can help you turn waste into value, please do not hesitate to connect with Vinoth and reach out to book a meeting with him during the expo.

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