Global CemFuels 2022

The 15th Global CemFuels event in Lisbon in 2022 will showcase the best alternative fuels projects and equipment from the cement industry from around the world. Fuel mix optimisation and combustion and pyro-process optimisation will be examined in depth.

Delegates are expected to attend from more than 35 countries, to learn from experts how to start to use - or to increase their use of - alternative fuels. If your business is in alternative fuels for the cement and lime industry, then you must attend! Link to visitor registration.

At our booth, M&J's Henning Nørgaard is ready to talk fine-shredders and show you how M&J's robust and high-performing fine-shredders can help you produce high-quality alternative fuels from waste. Welcome to booth no. 14! 



Henning Nørgaard

On course for a circular economy
A while ago, World Cement published the special report, ‘On Course For a Circular Economy’ that explains the huge potential of alternative fuels within the global cement industry. The production of cement is a highly energy-intensive process that involves significant fuel costs – approximately 30% of current expenditure can be ascribed to fuels. Increasing the use of alternative fuels such as SRF can significantly reduce these costs – and just as importantly, it can lower the industry’s considerable CO2 emissions.

“The good news is that multiple studies show that you can actually replace up to 30% of fossil fuels without major investments in the facility. Virtually all cement factories can do this starting from tomorrow, which in itself would be a huge benefit for the environment. The ambition for a more sustainable cement industry is most of all a matter of will. The technology is there – and so is the SRF supply”, says Uffe Hansen, CEO at M&J Recycling.

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