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For more efficient waste processing

Reliable industrial waste shredders for various materials and applications

Our many waste shredders can reduce the size of multiple types of waste including bulky waste, commercial and industrial waste, municipal solid waste, construction and demolition waste, biomass, wood, as well as baled materials.

Many are in use in applications such as Cement Production, Materials Recovery, Waste paper and paper mills) Mechanical Biological Treatment, Waste to Fuel and Waste to Energy.

The first cut

Our strong pre-shredders are engineered for the first mechanical stage of the waste recycling process. They can take in all kinds of waste of various shapes and sizes and reduce the material to a smaller and more uniform size for easier sorting, storage, and transportation.

Then the fine cut

Our fine-Screen shredders are reliable and efficient recycling machines that are designed to reduce pre-processed waste to an even more specific size and shape. Fine-Screen shredders are particularly suitable for the production of refuse-derived fuel (RDF) and solid recovered fuel (SRF), but can also process other recyclable materials effectively.

My M&J Performance 

You get My M&J Performance on your shredder for free! 

My M&J Performance is a digital solution that optimizes your M&J shredder’s operations. And through remote data monitoring of your shredder, you will get access to critical insights into your waste shredder’s condition, performance, and maintenance needs.

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Cement Production

Our industrial waste shredders are often used in RDF production to reduce the mixed waste to a homogeneous size and shape that improves combustion and maximizes the energy output from the waste fuel.

Materials Recovery

Recycling valuable materials from municipal solid waste and industrial waste is crucial to the success of the green transition. Sorting becomes much faster when the waste is of the right size and shape for screening and separation.

Mechanical Biological Treatment

At MBT plants, our waste shredders reduce the mixed waste to a homogenous and manageable size that is easier to sort, digest and compost. They make both the mechanical and biological processes more efficient.


At WtE plants, industrial waste shredders are used to reduce the mixed waste to an optimal grain size and to generate a consistent flow for maximized energy output by incineration.

Waste to Fuel 

Waste is a stable and profitable energy source. Material that has been used and disposed of can be turned into energy-efficient fuel to replace or complement other sources of energy in various applications.


The current use of landfills in many parts of the world comes at a gigantic environmental cost and is a burden to nature, people and the climate. Fortunately, however, there are good opportunities for getting rid of the piles.

Waste paper and paper mills

Pre-shredders for bulk grades like slab waste, roll stock and signature waste turn these tough-to-process materials into a size that any baler will handle. Increasing the efficiency in your hydro pulper at the mill by pre-shredding will reduce processing time.