3B Hungaria asked for guarantee that the shredder delivers as promised

Guarantee that the shredder delivers as promised
Sales of shredders are often made after a long process. It often involves reference visits or on-site demonstrations of the shredder’s performance with the specific waste fractions that the customer needs shredding.
However, when engineering company 3B Hungaria was looking for an efficient shredder for a recycling centre in Zalaegerszeg city, M&J’s credibility as the strongest brand on the market had already been established. The dialogue with M&J’s local agent in Hungary was therefore simply based on which model was right for the job – and when that had been established, 3B Hungaria’s decision was made over the course of a few days. The choice fell on the powerful M&J F210 for the recycling depot’s RDF line – and with it came a comprehensive guarantee, including an impressive capacity of up to 10.5 tonnes per hour and an output material of 40 mm. Of course, the guarantee is subject to the shredder being ‘fed’ correctly, both in terms of the input and
continuous in feeding via a conveyor the full width of the rotor.

Customer adds another shredder
The M&J F210’s driveshaft guarantees minimum wear and energy consumption, while still producing top-quality RDF material. At the same time, it is highly flexible when it comes to input material and shape. It can handle loose material, bales, rolls and bricks. The machine has already proven its worth. It has increased the recycling depot’s capacity (fine shredding of MSW and commercial waste) and ensured a stable production without costly breakdowns. Achieving both at the same time is often a challenge. In fact, the
shredder has been so impressive that 3B Hungaria has decided to acquire another M&J shredder. This time, a PreShredder in the form of an M&J PreShred 1000. And that is hardly likely to be the last M&J shredder
to find its way to Hungary.

We have previously worked with M&J in the aggregates industry. We built in machines from them and trusting that the quality and reliability of the shredders is so good as the crushers we had learned before.”
Zoltán Nagy, Managing Director, 3B Hungaria 

The company
3B Hungaria is located in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary, and designs and manufactures systems for material transport and processing. The company’s goal is to construct economical, modern, competitive and energy-saving plants.

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