M&J P250e

Guarantee for a perfect match

M&J P250e is a complete series of superior pre-shredders with four e-drive configurations, catering to all needs. Heavy-duty applications or lighter waste streams? There's an M&J P250e for every single requirement. And it offers up to 50% less energy consumption.

M&J P250e


M&J P250e


M&J P250e


M&J P250e



Best choice for Medium Duty applications.

Best choice for Light to Medium Duty applications.

Best choice for Medium and Heavy Duty applications.

Best choice for Heavy Duty applications.

100 t/h
Grain size
down to 90% under 100 mm

Go green with E-drive

Modular design & high profitability

When it comes to Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), no other pre-shredder can compete with the M&J P250e. There are two reasons for this. First is its uncompromising build quality. Second, our engineers have done everything they can to make it as easy as possible to replace worn parts.

The solution is a patented modular design where everything can be disassembled quickly. Service and ongoing maintenance have never been easier.

Future proof engineering

With M&J P250e, you get a future-proof pre-shredder that always matches your needs!

  • Better welding access for hard facing on the cutting table
  • Targeted replacement of only the parts that are worn
  • No need to disconnect the power supply to the drive
  • Nuts and bolts make it easy to disconnect the drive module
  • In fact, you can change the entire cutting module in less than 1 hour!

The modular design also makes it easy to adapt the machine to future needs. You can replace the drive unit and/or change the cutting module, if the composition of your waste material changes significantly in the future.

Homogeneous end product in the desired size

An extremely aggressive knife design ensures outstanding performance when dealing with mixed and challenging materials. It is also possible to achieve a grain size of 90% <100 mm with 12 knives per shaft.

Superb durability and unbeatable uptime

It pays to buy quality. Every aspect of the M&J P250e has been carefully considered and thoroughly tested to offer unrivaled stability in your production for years to come.

Equipped with ‘My M&J Performance’

My M&J Performance is a cloud-based data insights solution that optimizes your shredder’s performance. You can monitor your shredder remotely and access essential data about its condition and maintenance needs. Trustworthy data saves you money on your operations!

  • Access real-time data remotely
  • Quick issue resolution with data insights
  • Optimize uptime with preventive maintenance
  • Prevent unexpected stops with expert help and reports
Household waste
Commercial and Industrial
Construction and demolition
Paper and cardboard
Bulky Waste
M&J P250e

With you all the way

Spare and Wear Parts

Original equipment replacement parts for your M&J P250e ensure proper fit, form, and function to reduce maintenance issues and increase longevity. If your equipment fails, the productivity of your entire plant is at risk. To avoid any losses, critical replacement parts are readily available when you need them.

Our global distribution logistics network ensures that spare and wear parts are available whenever you need them. Read more 

Service when you need it

Our service team consists of experts with extensive know-how when it comes to improving the performance of your M&J P250e and the whole recycling process. We meet all kinds of service needs at short notice – either as individual tasks or as part of a fixed service agreement. These services include for example emergency service, repairs, preventive maintenance, refurbishments, upgrades, process optimization, relocation services and training. Read more 

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