Plastic Processing and Bag Opening

Accelerate screening and sorting through efficient size reduction

Plastic compounds and plastic bags cause difficulties in many recycling processes. Plastic is often durable and stretchy, and its size and type varies from packages to film and covers.

Boost plastic recycling with efficient bag opening

Plastic waste is a very valuable and versatile raw material. It can be used in the manufacture of new products, and thanks to the typically high calorific value, plastics are often useful for energy production in waste fuels such as refuse-derived fuel (RDF) and solid recovered fuel (SRF).

Due to their nature, plastics may be inconvenient for recyclers. In particular, plastic bags and plastic film can easily jam the whole recycling process. Unexpected downtime can be avoided by opening the plastic bags right at the beginning of the recycling process and reducing the waste to a homogeneous grain size. After that, screening and separating plastic is no different to processing any other type of waste.

M&J pre-shredders and fine-shredders are designed to process plastics of any shape or size. Tested and proven in multiple applications around the world, they take care of bag opening and reduce the waste to the desired grain size for a more efficient recycling process.

We know how

Faster processing: Efficient bag opening makes handling materials easier and faster.

Increase efficiency: More accurate screening and sorting.           

Better quality: A homogeneous grain size generates more energy through combustion.

Enjoy competent customer care: Service and support available 24/7 all year round.

We help you get the most out of your equipment

High quality equipment deserves the best service. Our waste recycling experts can help you maximize productivity and uptime with first-class parts and maintenance for your M&J shredder. We also know how to optimize the whole recycling process, train operators, and help in relocating the equipment.
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