Construction and Demolition Waste

Recycling waste from buildings and infrastructure makes great sense

Many components of construction and demolition waste (CDW) can be separated and processed into new products or materials. And the good news is that it’s not a costly or cumbersome process.

From trash to cash

CDW accounts for a very large proportion of the world’s waste. It costs a lot of resources to produce materials such as concrete, brick, wood, glass, metals and plastics, so we are obliged to send the resources into circulation once they have served their function in buildings and infrastructure. Some CDW has a high resource value and can be more or less recycled directly, but virtually all CDW can be easily reworked into new materials.

Recycling CDW makes great economic sense - especially if you pre-shred it, so sorting and transport will be easier. At the same time, effective treatment of CDW ensures that hazardous materials such as asbestos and solvents do not harm the environment because the waste is allowed to accumulate in piles. CDW is a crucial part of the green transition.

It is common sense that many political bodies in the world have decided that a much larger proportion of our CDW should be included in new materials. The technology to do so is well established and easy and cheap to access. At M&J Recycling, we have many years of experience in the field and many convincing cases to tell about.

We know how

Lower costs: Shredding construction and demolition waste cuts down on transportation costs.

Increase capacity: Reducing the size makes the waste easier to process and boosts recycling efficiency.

Improve output quality: A homogeneous grain size enables faster and more accurate screening and sorting.

Enjoy competent customer care: Service and expert support available 24/7 all year round.

We help you get the most out of your equipment

High quality equipment deserves the best service. Our waste recycling experts can help you maximize productivity and uptime with first-class parts and maintenance for your M&J shredder. We also know how to optimize the whole recycling process, train operators, and help in relocating the equipment.
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