M&J F320e

M&J F320e

The strongest electric member in our family of superior fine-shredders for high-capacity production of alternative fuels like RDF and SRF


Tired of limitations?

The M&J F320e is created to break them down! 

The M&J F320 e-drive is targeted high production of alternative fuels like RDF and SRF. It is reliable, easy to monitor and delivers up to 28 tonnes/h. It is power in its purest form.

It comes with an intelligent electric solution based on market proven technology. It gives you the same output as always but with less energy consumption and less maintenance.


No need to compromise

The M&J F320e is the powerful flagship in our strong fine-shredder series. It is sharper and stronger than ever – simply built to deliver a stable, high-quality output of RDF/SRF at a minimal operating expense.

Paper and cardboard
M&J F320e

    Low operating expense: You get a high-quality end product with the M&J F320 e-drive. 

    Less power for installation: The needed installed power can be as low as 320 kW. 

    Low operational cost: Save up to 35% in energy consumption compared to other leading suppliers in the marketplace.

    Easy maintenance: Access to vital shredder components is easier than ever.

Services for your industrial fine-shredder

Spare and Wear Parts

Original equipment replacement parts for your M&J F320 E-drive ensure proper fit, form and function to reduce maintenance issues and increase longevity. If your equipment fails, the productivity of your entire plant is at risk. To avoid any losses, critical replacement parts are readily available when you need them.

Our global distribution logistics network ensures that spare and wear parts are available whenever you need them. Read more


Service when you need it

Access to vital shredder components is easier than ever on the M&J F320 E-drive. The aim is to reduce time for daily and periodic maintenance, so you can avoid frustrating downtime.

  • Unique cutting technology enables quick and efficient daily maintenance
  • Monitoring sensors on key components secures safe and “stop free” operation
  • Easy adjustment of the belt drive tension and quick exchange of the drive belt
  • Fast delivery and replacement of standard spare parts – often from day to day Read more


Data Sheets

Sales Leaflets

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Sales leaflet M&J F320 E-drive English 2.79 Mb

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