Constant efficiency at all times

The transfer station at Torre Pallavicina, “Carte Verde” was in need of heavy-duty shredders in order to to keep up performance rates and reduce running costs. Focus was on versatility and on reliability that incorporates the latest in technology when ORSI – the long-time supplier of waste and recycling  equipment in Italy – was contacted.

Through ORSI the choice fell on the M&J PreShred 4000S from M&J – a stationary pre-shredder with 10 knives. Its open cutting table reduces wear  and the asynchronous shredding ensures that waste is constantly moving. This improves both shredding capability and capacity significantly and optimizes processes.

Providing high output quality
The M&J PreShred 4000S was added to the existing waste sorting line. Here it handles varied material and delivers a consistent quality output by the hour, ready to be taken through the different stages of separation and recovery.

“It has been a successful process delivering and implementing the new M&J 4000S shredder. We experience great customer satisfaction regarding performance and daily operations. Take that and add the innovative M&J technology that ensures a process that always can be customized to material types and densities. It is this kind of customer focus that makes shredders  from M&J Recycling so outstanding”, says Stefano Orsi from ORSI.

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