Demonstrations showed all the qualities at Sanko Corporation

Demonstrations showed all the qualities
Sanko Corporation is the largest industrial waste management company in the Tokai district in Japan. So far, the company has used heavy equipment to  shred aluminium, but the fraction is increasing, so last year, a decision was made to invest in a pre-shredder.

Kouki Corporation, which sells M&J’s machines in Japan, gave some very convincing demonstrations to Sanko Corporation. First with an M&J PreShred 1000S and then with an M&J Pre-Shred 4000M, which was the machine that Sanko Corporation ended up buying.

Best in the long run
In the process, Sanko Corporation had also been looking at other pre-shredders. The purchase price of some of them was lower, but then the current costs were higher. Ultimately, the quality, the superior performance and the stable output (minimum downtime) were decisive for the final choice of the M&J PreShred 4000M.

For accounting purposes, prompt delivery was required once the agreement had been made. But that also worked out well, and the M&J quality shredder can now fill its important role in Sanko Corporation’s recycling cycle for many years to come. 

“We had an impression that European machinery has a great quality. And when we tested the M&J, we immediately decided to buy.”

The company
Sanko Corporation was established in 1974 as a part of Kawashima Group. The company is located in Iwata and is dealing with the collection, transportation, storage, and treatment of industrial waste materials.

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