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There are challenging fractions – and there are fractions that just a few years ago would have seemed completely impossible. Take car (End of Life Vehicle) shredding, for example. Tonnes of metal carcasses represent a valuable resource for recycling if it can only be broken down into acceptable sizes to the smelters. Yet by its very nature, this is no easy task. However, a customer of M&J Recycling in Southeast Asia has found an effective solution to this challenge in the form of three high-performance M&J PreShred 4000M, with a highly specialized knife design in a class of its own. The three machines take entire car bodies from small and large cars and convert them into smaller and therefore more manageable pieces. In practice, the workers on site first dismantle the non-metal parts of the car. After this, the car bodies are fed to the shredder by loader, leaving behind the glass, plastic, and dust. The metal fraction can be remelted without further sorting and used in products such as steel billet, wire nails, chain links and barbed wire to name a few.

Adaptable to any 'heavy' challenge

M&J Recycling's unique shredding technology is based on an extremely aggressive knife design and open cutting tables. The M&J PreShred 4000M is the product of years of innovation and careful design – and its performance is a study in how smart engineering is the key to effective shredding. This includes cars and other large metal objects like engines and transmissions. Its outstanding and well-documented performance made it the obvious choice for the customer, and with three units on site, they are guaranteed a high and stable production capacity. The stationary M&J PreShred 4000M is extremely resistant to wear caused by materials and debris normally considered non-shreddable, such as solid steel, reinforced concrete, and stone. Whatever the challenge, with the right applications, the M&J PreShred 4000M can offer a compelling solution that turns big into small – and used raw materials into recyclables.

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