Exceptional capacity and superb end product

An end product in a league of its own

Production of RDF for the cement industry is an important business area for Ragn-Sells. Due to increasing demand for quality RDF, the company has just increased capacity at two locations in Norway – more specifically in Skårer and Moss.

Both locations operate fully automatic M&J Recycling systems that require minimal staffing because they run non-stop and can be operated via a remote control.

M&J Recycling's Norwegian sales partner Svelvik Maskin has been responsible for the installation from start to finish. For Ragn-Sells, high efficiency and low operating costs were key, so Svelvik Maskin quickly came to the conclusion that the solution should be based on an M&J PreShred 6000S and an M&J F210.

An installation with these two machines connected in series guarantees stable operation as well as an RDF end product in homogeneous sizes with a high calorific value and a low proportion of fines.

Pre-installed power pack

The customer already had an M&J PreShred 6000S at the plant in Moss, so they have built the solution around that, while they have started from scratch in Skårer.

Both plants have an impressive capacity and are able to handle both loose waste and waste in bales. The extremely hard-wearing cutting technology in the M&J PreShred 6000S keeps maintenance costs to a minimum and creates the perfect basis for further fine-shredding using the M&J F210.

Furthermore, the customer can be up and running very quick, as the fully automatic solution is as close to plug-and-play as you can get. The power pack for the system comes pre-installed in a separate container, so production can be underway once the two shredders are joined by conveyor belts and the power cable is connected.

“We had many requirements for the solution, including hassle-free operation, high capacity, an attractive end product. So far, we are satisfied with the solution and the cooperation with Svelvik Maskin.”

- Per Hallerud, Regional Manager South at Ragn Sells

The company

Ragn-Sells is a privately held corporate group, operating companies in four countries. The company collects, treats and recycles waste and residual products from businesses, organisations and households.