Exceptional performance in demanding conditions

ACL Holcim chose M&J as their supplier because ā€œMost organizations get into the trap of initial costs rather than value. We cannot have our operations held up due to faulty equipment or something which requires lot of maintenance. M&J's 4000S shredders have been performing exceptionally in demanding conditions. The service is top-notch which adds value to the entire equation of partnership!", says Mr Ulhas Parlikar.

M&Jā€™s shredder series is designed particularly for continuous use with hard and abrasive materials. They combine a robust frame design with high shredding capacity and a limited overall height. These features make it ideal for operation in the restricted space, and in both stationary and mobile plants.

Asking Mr Ulhas Parlikar what he is most satisfied with, he says it's the M&J shredder's capability to shred all kind of waste material with ease and trouble-free operation.

Which lead to another important aspect of the waste co-processing; finding the right technology and right partners who can deliver the technology and equipment.

"We chose M&J at five of our sites in India as we have been working with them around the globe. They have the right understanding of the complexity involved in processing waste and delivering the right solutions. We have got M&J support for service maintenance of both 250 hours and 1000 hours", concludes Mr Ulhas.

A local service team has been set up by ACL after training from M&J's engineers. Their waste shredder is working fine and lives up to the set performance standards.

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