From yellow bag collection to container collection

We have developed a new and special cutting table for our well-known M&J 4000 series.
The bag-opener is a shredder that doesn’t shred too much but nevertheless, does exactly the right job – in other words: it’s the perfect bag opener for the transition from the yellow bag to the new container collection.

The new bag opener machine has been designed to ensure that all yellow bags are opened simultaneously and that most of the recyclable materials retain their shape so that they can be sorted later on. Due to the new collecting system, future material will inevitably have a more diverse composition. Therefore, the feedstock must be more homogenized than previously to prevent plant downtimes caused by the material.

The first machine was set into operation back in February 2013, and after more than 2,000 hours of operation we have achieved an opening rate of around 99%, says the customer. Hard plastics and similar materials are shredded in such a way that these fractions can then be sorted more efficiently. We have achieved a capacity of approx. 30 ton/hour. 

The cutting table is equipped with two rotating shafts, each with 2x7 special knives and transverse counter knives without middle bar. The transverse knives can be replaced since they have been mounted with bolts. At the same  time, the machine can be adapted to similar material compositions