Fully automatic RDF production very close to the customer

From plastic waste to quality RDF

Norwegian Geminor is a leading international supplier of waste for energy production. When the company entered into a contract to supply RDF to the Aalborg Portland cement factory, they decided to set up production very close to the customer's factory. This saves both time and CO2 emissions for transportation.

M&J Recycling's long-standing sales partner Svelvik Maskin developed a fully automatic solution that is able to efficiently and continuously supply Aalborg Portland with high quality RDF.

The solution consists of a pre-shredder in the form of the powerful M&J PreShred 4000S to handle the rough work, after which the coarsely shredded fraction passes through a separation system, where the unshreddable parts are quickly and efficiently discarded. The product is then fine-shredded in an M&J F210, which results in a highly homogeneous end product with immense calorific value.

Fully automatic plug-and-play solution

M&J Recycling are experts in producing shredders for quality RDF, ensuring stable combustion in the cement kilns and leaving a minimal proportion of unwanted fines.

Geminor's whole system is fully automatic and easy to operate via a remote control. The pre-shredder can be 'fed' with both loose waste and waste in bales, saving both time and money when it comes to handling.

The power pack for the plant came pre-installed in a separate container, so it was basically just a matter of connecting the power cable to the fully automatic plant to get production underway.

Svelvik Maskin has also delivered the plug-and-play concept based on M&J Reycling’s shredders to many other customers. The plant has a superb capacity of up to 16 tonnes per hour in 50 mm, and largely operates on its own, currently with minimal staffing across two-man shifts.

"We have been extremely satisfied with the collaboration with Svelvik Maskin and have received a fully automatic solution that delivers a sublime end product. The machines run without problems, with minimum manual intervention from our team.” 

- Johan Olö, Managing Director at Geminor Waste Treatment AS/AB/ApS and Bøn Biobrensel AS.

The company

Geminor is an international resource management company headquartered in Norway, supported by permanent offices around the world. Established in 2004, Geminor has grown to manage more than 1,700,000 tonnes of feedstock per year.