MEILO - Special cutting table makes sorting easier

Ambitious sorting of waste MEILO Gesellschaft runs a state-of-the-art plant in Darmstadt 

The company covers more than 32,000 m and handles an impressive 120,000 tons of waste per year, most of which gets recycled. An advanced sorting system with high-tech sensors ensures that the lightweight waste gets sorted into a large number of fractions.
For example, the plastic waste is separated into eight different types of plastic. The recycling of plastic plays a key role in the ongoing debate on global environment. MEILO Gesellschaft is a glowing example of the fact that it is possible to recycle resources, if you approach the task in the right way. Each and every day, 40 lorryloads of waste arrive, and 25 lorries drive from the plant with clean fractions to factories that can process them for recycling. In other words, we are talking about very ambitious sorting, in which all the machines in the plant need to function 100% optimally, ensuring that the process does not at any moment grind to a halt.
The preshredder is a particularly crucial piece in this huge jigsaw puzzle. It has to be extremely strong and stable, given that it has to run non-stop 20 hours a day. 

Special cutting table makes sorting easier
MEILO Gesellschaft is a joint venture between two other waste companies - Meinhardt Stadtereinigung GmbH & Co and Lobbe Entsorgung West GmbH & Co. Some years back, the latter purchased an M&J PreShred 4000S LVP from M&J for a similar plant, and it functioned impeccably. That meant that the same model was an obvious candidate, when the project’s consultant engineer needed to come up with the right solution for the MEILO Gesellschaft plant. The model (LVP) is fitted with a specially designed cutting table aimed at light packing material. The bag opener has been designed to ensure that all bags are opened - and that all recyclable materials retain their shape so that they can be sorted at a later stage. Given the convincing results from the client’s old plant, it came as no surprise that yet another M&J PreShred 4000S ended up making the journey to Germany.

The company
MEILO Gesellschaft has a workforce of about 60 employees and sorts lightweight packaging from about 4.5 million citizens. A total of 53% of the input returns to the recycling cycle, while the rest is used for energy extraction.

“We were totally familiar with M&J’s
shredders from our sister company
Lobbe, where a similar shredder
had performed well. The machines
have a particularly good reputation
in the market, which is why the
choice was quite simple.”