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TSK Water is the leading company in Korea when it comes to waste water  treatment, waste treatment and new renewable energy. The company’s  success also lies in its persistent focus on optimizing production, using the best machinery and latest technology in the market.

So it seemed logical to  contact M&J's partner in Korea - when the company was in need of a powerful new shredder for one of their waste facilities. The requirement was  straightforward. They needed a strong, reliable machine that could chomp up 8 tons per hour of municipal waste for 16 hours a day. Every day of the year! 

Easy to adapt to the customer’s needs
M&J's Korean partner had previously sold the sorting systems to TSK Water, and the company had been extremely satisfied with it. According to the partner, TSK Water is a company that prioritizes quality. So the pool of candidates was limited, and M&J had a head start, since TSK Water had already had a positive experience with the first machine they had purchased.

They settled on an M&J PreShred 1000S. A stationary, reliable shredder, whose numerous options made it easy to adapt it to the customer’s individual requirements. The machine’s intelligent shredding routines automatically adapt to the properties of the waste, leaving a homogeneous substance that makes further treatment straightforward.

The company
TSK Water Co. is an environmental services company located in Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do in Korea. It was established in 2004 and is currently operating in 73 main sites in Korea.

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