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Clear requirements for the solution 
China Resources Concrete (Baise) is one of China’s largest manufacturers of CRC cement. Each year, more than 66,000 tonnes of cement leave the factory, delivering supplies for new buildings and roads to the insatiable Chinese construction industry. The cement kilns are kept busy burning 500 tonnes
of Household per day, and it is inherently essential that the supply to the furnaces does not fail, as this will cause production to come to a halt. At the same time, there are clear demands for capacity – particularly for the shredders that are to shred the waste and ensure a high and stable supply flow. At China Resources Concrete (Baise), they know exactly what is needed to ensure maximum efficiency, and it all starts with a shredder that can shred all Household to sizes of less than 150 mm while delivering an output of around 60 tonnes per hour.

Chosen for its results
It is clear that not many suppliers are able to meet those requirements, while even fewer have a long track record to prove it. The M&J PreShred 4000S quickly joined the field of possible candidates via a close, local partner, Junyao Environment, and ended up being selected. M&J is a strong brand, recognized
in China for quality and an aggressive cutting technology that effectively manages to shred hard, unsaleable materials of all sizes. This is in addition to the comprehensive service network and targeted training of employees always included with the purchase of a M&J shredder. In order to match the
requirements, set by China Resources Concrete (Baise), the shredder was equipped with 10 Tomahawk knives and a 2×160 kW motor. The solution has proved very convincing.

The company
China Resources Concrete (Baise) Co., Ltd is located in Baise, Guangxi, China and is part of the Cement & Concrete Product Manufacturing Industry. The company has 50 employees across all of its locations.

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