Reliable cutting table and strong performance with all types of waste

VEOLIA ECO-CYCLE, which is a joint venture between Veolia Environment and KC Green Holdings, provides a wide range of recycling and recovery services, including production of RDF, RPF and SRF-renewable fuels. Placed in Yeojo, VEOLIA ECO-CYCLE is one of the largest waste management plants in the southern part of South Korea.

Early 2015 VEOLIA ECO-CYCLE commissioned a full line for the production of RDF, Refuse Derived Fuel. The line at the plant is comprised of a preshredder, vibrating screen, air classifier, magnetic separation and incorporates the latest available technology.

The in-feed material for the line consists of compressed industrial waste with a bulk density of around 200 kg/m2. This kind of waste contains films and large pieces of plastic and often poses problems for preshredders, creating stops and requirement of maintenance. The M&J PreShred 4000S, however, has solved this thanks to a special knife configuration and asynchronously shredding in both directions.

Reliability is the key to considerable savings
“M&J Preshred 4000S was chosen due to the strong, reliable cutting table and strong performance with all types of waste,” explains, Senior Project Manager, Bruno Carre-Pierrat.

The combination of innovation, strength and reliability was essential and it has already worked out well at the plant. 

With M&J 4000S, Veolia ECO-CYCLE now gets 26 tons of compressed industrial waste through on the hour. Equally important is the fact that the shredder now feeds the screening- and sorting system with a far more uniform and consistent product.

The result is higher performance, both in terms of stability and throughput while making considerably savings in energy costs.

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