To La Martinique by a roundabout way

Part of a large range M&J Recycling’s shredders get around in the world.  Recently, a M&J PreShred 4000S has found its way to the French island of La Martinique in the exotic Caribbean. The contract came about through a French engineering company named PROVAL. PROVAL had spotted a public tender for the treatment of La Martinique’s bulky waste and industrial waste and was therefore in search of the market’s best pre-shredder as part of the overall solution.

To simplify the bidding process, we joined forces with our French sister  company in France. 

The high quality requirements narrowed the field of candidates from the very beginning. And, after a constructive dialogue and a number of reference visits in France, there was only one candidate left - the robust M&J PreShred 4000S-8 with its intelligent PLC operating system which ensures that the shredding is automatically adjusted to the material being shredded. 

A long wait with a happy ending
Proval submitted their tender documents in which M&Js shredder was included as part of the contract. All that remained was just to wait ... and wait. It took a long time before PROVAL was finally able to call M&J’s  office in Denmark  and convey the good news that they had won the tender! The shredder was delivered as agreed after various delays due to weather problems on La Martinique with extreme rainfall, which delayed the construction work several times. A service team from Metso and PROVAL came along and ensured proper assembly and startup of the machine - including thorough training of the staff at the treatment plant. The new shredder has already been put into operation at the treatment plant, where it shreds industrial waste and bulky waste for further processing. It has run flawlessly since it was delivered.

“The shredder was an essential part of our proposal for an integrated high-quality solution - and, fortunately, it was enough to convince them that we were the right supplier.”

The island
Martinique is a tropical volcanic island in the northern Caribbean. To the north are high mountains and large volcanoes, whereas the southern parts are covered with sugar cane plantations. The island is a part of France, a so-called overseas department. There are almost 400,000 people living on Martinique, most of them in the capital of Fort-de-France.

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