Unique bi-directional shredding system made the difference for BWG

Better World Green (BWG) is one of the biggest waste disposal companies in Thailand. The company provides services related to hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal, wastewater treatment, RDF, and a power plant fuelled by industrial waste (the first of its kind in Thailand).

There is a considerable need to improve waste management in Thailand, and the Thai government has launched several schemes to help strengthen efforts. As a key player, BWG, therefore, plans to build several plants focusing on waste-to-energy solutions over the next five years.

Materials that cannot be recycled can instead provide the fuel needed to supply the Thai population with energy. In practice, this is done by converting waste into RDF, which can be burned in the company’s waste-to-energy plant.

The production of RDF has the significant advantage of reducing the accumulation of waste, in turn reducing the load on recycling centres and thus extending their service life.

Fed up with frequent crashes

Efficient machines for producing RDF of a good quality are among the things needed to fulfil these lofty ambitions. BWG has tried a number of pre-shredders over the years, but was not happy with the results. In particular, it was the first coarse shredding of the challenging waste fractions that caused the company problems.

However, an M&J 6000S PreShred from M&J immediately turned out to be the perfect solution. It is characterized by being very robust and having one of the highest capacities on the market.

With previous pre-shredders, BWG had major challenges with crashes caused by the waste winding itself around the shafts. With M&J, the shafts move asynchronously, which means they clean themselves without any wrapping. It is that feature – along with the shredder’s easy maintenance – that has led to BWG getting excellent uptime from the machine.

At the same time, BWG has a local M&J service team, able to respond and offer support immediately.

About Better World Green

Better World Green Public Company Limited is a Thailand-based firm in the industrial waste man-agement business. The company offers services to both the public and private sectors all over Thailand.

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