Ambiente Italia Acerra: “We wanted to work without compromises, so we chose M&J shredders”


As Italian waste management company Ambiente Italia Acerra experienced continued demand for their materials in 2022, they needed a new industrial waste shredder with a higher capacity to keep up.

Until then, Ambiente Italia, which specializes in treating and recovering waste materials, had used a mobile shredder for commercial and industrial waste and construction and demolition waste.

However, Antonio Mosca, who owns Ambiente Italia with his brother Pietro Mosca, was convinced that dual shaft technology was a better option for the company to process more waste types.

So, he began to research the market and soon contacted Stefano Orsi from ORSI SRL, M&J Recycling’s trusted sales and service partner in Italy for over two and a half decades.

As Antiono had previously done business with Stefano, he knew that Stefano had more than 25 years of waste-handling experience, so it was only natural to ask him for advice.

Seeing is believing

As no two waste types are identical, seeing the shredder perform in Ambiente Italia’s materials was essential to Antiono, and therefore, he and Stefano arranged two on-site demos.

During both demos, the team would test the M&J 4000S pre-shredder and shredders from other brands. In both cases, the M&J 4000S was most convincing:

“We were very convinced by the double shaft technology. The on-site demos with M&J’s demo machine showed us that this was the right pre-shredder for us”, Antonio says.

To him, what made the M&J shredder stand out from the competitors was the durable design and the quality of the machine:

“We chose the 4000S shredder because it is powerful and reliable, and we wanted to work without compromises. If your shredder is not reliable, you can’t work satisfactory”, he says.

Despite the pre-shredder’s excellent merits, it was, however, not only chosen because of them; the support of Stefano Orsi was a deciding factor for the Ambiente Italia team:

“The know-how and many M&J references of Stefano Orsi, combined with his local service organization in the Naples area, made the final difference and convinced us to buy the M&J pre-shredder”, Antonio adds.

High capacity for challenging materials

The M&J 4000 8 knife 2x200 kW shredder was sold, delivered, and installed in 2021. Since then, it has kept going, shredding from 20 to 40 tonnes of challenging waste per hour, reducing it to approximately 300mm., while maintaining a great, continuous flow to the screens.

Sometimes, to keep up with the shredder’s high capacity, the Ambiente team needs to reduce the speed of the shredder.

Business expansion called for a new shredder

In 2023, Ambiente Italia decided to expand its business by adding RDF production for the cement industry to its portfolio. To do it, the team needed to expand the existing waste treatment line to include a full sorting line and a fine-shredder.

Having experienced the reliability of M&J’s shredders and having built trust in Orsi/M&J Recycling after the successful M&J 4000S pre-shredder installation, Antonio and his team decided to buy an M&J F320 fine-shredder:

“Investing in the M&J F320 fine-shredder was a matter of trusting the quality of M&J and Stefano Orsi’s organization”, Antonio states.

With its 3,2-metre rotor, the M&J F320 is the largest fine-shredder on the market. It’s made specifically to produce RDF of the highest quality, and with a Ø35 screen, it allowed Ambiente Italia to produce 0-30 mm grains at high capacities.

With the new setup, Ambiente Italia can run the shredders individually or in tandem, depending on the materials and the required output.


The new setup has also enabled Ambiente Italia to process two additional waste types: light fractions of household waste and oversized fractions from plastic recycling (also called “fine nastro Corepla”). When mixed with industrial waste, these waste types enrich the calorific value of the RDF, making it more attractive for cement factories.

“Our production is set up so the output material can have either high or low calorific value. In RDF production, it is important to have a constant capacity and regular size of the material to ensure the right quality. This is the benefit we have from the M&J shredders”, Antonio adds.

Skilled service for longer shredder life

Ambiente Italia relies on ORSI’s skilled local service specialists, certified by M&J Recycling, to keep their shredders in the best condition. Downtime means lost income, so it means a lot to Antonio that the service team is located only an hour away:

“Whether needed for service or maintenance, we trust the local service team to keep our shredders up and running. By making sure the shredders are serviced correctly, we maximize the uptime and extend the shredders’ lifespan. It’s a worthwhile investment”, Antonio finishes.

About the company:

Ambiente Italia Acerra is a family-owned company specializing in treating, recovering, and storing industrial, commercial, non-hazardous waste from local municipalities and households.

The aim is to fully utilize the value of the various materials by allowing them to be used as secondary raw materials or for energy production, which minimizes the disposal in landfills.

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