Well-evidenced performance decided the matter - Suez bought 5 shredders

Well-evidenced performance decided the matter
It certainly is not every day that M&J receives an order for a total of five shredders for one and the same customer. But that is exactly what we have shipped to a brand new, ambitious recycling plant on the French island of La Réunion east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. The French company, SUEZ Group established the new plant. It is a multinational company, famous for its expertise when it comes to the efficient, innovative and sustainable management of resources. There are only a few suppliers that can provide both pre-shredders and fine-shredders, so this narrowed down the field considerably from the outset. SUEZ Group also wanted a pre-shredder that was resilient enough to tackle all potential waste without breaking and a supplier that could guarantee fast service and provision of spare parts. The project is run by Suez France, so it is important that the supplier has a good representation in France both for sale and service. For more than 15 years, M&J has a successful partnership with the company Lheureux for the French market. Lheureux takes care of all sales and aftersales service to French customers. As so many times earlier the successful collaboration between M&J and Lheureux secured this order.

Clear roadmap for all fractions
The purpose of the new recycling facility plant, which receives bulky waste, industrial waste and household waste, is pretty clear: to eliminate landfill by exploiting all the resources inherent in the island’s waste. The household waste is run through an M&J PreShred 4000S, resulting in an organic part, an inorganic part and a metal fraction. The organic part is converted into compost, while the metal is recycled. The inorganic part (mainly plastic) is run through one of the three M&J F210s and turned into 30-mm RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel). This material can be used as a fuel for energy production instead of oil and coal. Thereby, the people of the island can save on fossil fuels and avoid polluting the environment with plastic. 
When it comes to the industrial waste and the bulky waste fraction, the process is the same as for the household waste. The metal parts are separated from the residual amount (primarily plastic) and then processed in the same way. One major advantage of M&J’s pre-shredders is the fact that they require fewer maintenance hours than the majority of pre-shredders on the market. Furthermore, there is another, smaller waste management plant on La Réunion, which also uses a M&J preshredder, so the locals are already familiar with the machines.

“Thanks to the close relationship between M&J and Lheureux, we have been  able to reply precisely and rapidly to the customer. On all the business we are  able to present solutions which are adapted and tailored to the customers’  needs. This is a great advantage for us, and furthermore when the machines are installed, the performance and reliability of our shredders coupled with the organisation of our service back-up, helps us to sell the next machines.”

The company
SUEZ Group engages in the provision of water and waste management services through its subsidiaries. The company provides services for waste collection, recycling, recovery, treatment and disposal of urban and industrial waste

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