When a strong all-rounder shredder is needed

Since 2007, M&J has worked closely with the National Energy Biomass Incineration Group and delivered
several shredders to the company‘s seven plants. Of course, time is the best way to evaluate whether the promises given hold true in reality. M&J‘s machines have delivered entirely as expected – both in terms of stability and in their capacity to handle biomass and green waste. Therefore, it was only natural that the strong M&J PreShred 4000S was among the candidates when National Energy Biomass Incineration Group recently wanted to upgrade the capacity at their facility.

Broadening the business

China has several suppliers of biomass shredders, but most of them target specific fractions. The M&J PreShred 4000S is in a league of its own when it comes to handling mixed waste, and it became clear that this is what was needed. National Energy Biomass Incineration Group were extremely thorough in their assessment and specification of what needs the machine had to meet, both in the present and in the future. They decided to focus on broadening the business, so that even more waste types can be received in the future – from large wooden beams to branches and shells of agricultural products.

In addition, many different forms of waste are already received today – both loose and in bales – which also necessitates special handling requirements. The M&J PreShred 4000S is characterized by being a versatile all-rounder that can easily and quickly adapt to any challenge. That was the deciding factor, and as a result, another reliable pre-shredder from M&J has made its way to this long-standing collaborator.

The company

National Energy Biomass Incineration Group Co., Ltd offers project operation and investment services relating to biomass power generation. The Company also distributes power equipment, biomass liquid fuels and thermal products.

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