The new M&J F240e is designed to revolutionize fine-shredding. It combines energy efficiency, impressive capacity, and user-friendliness without compromising on power and is the obvious waste fine-shredder for most production needs – ideal for RDF and SRF production.

The M&J F240e isn't just a shredder; it's a brilliant long-term investment.

Gentle on Your Wallet

Our extensively tested e-drive solution offers the same power as hydraulic but with substantial energy savings. Customers can expect:

  • Superior total cost of ownership (TCO), easy servicing, and automatic monitoring of the drive and rotor.
  • Up to 35% lower energy usage compared to its closest competitors.

Unique Cutting System

The M&J F240e sets itself apart with its unique cutting system. It slices through anything effortlessly, leaving waste in uniform sizes. Once rotor blades and static knives are set, there’s no need for routine adjustments, saving you time and frustration.

  • Op to 17 tons per hour - the highest capacity in its class
  • Exceptional output quality with grain sizes down to 10 mm

Easy access makes service a breeze

Everything is meticulously thought out on the M&J F240e – especially the replacement of wear parts. The service team has quick and easy access to everything, enabling them to replace all wear parts extremely quickly. This keeps costs down and the shredder’s production time up.

  • The rotor is easily accessible from both sides for straightforward servicing and cleaning
  • The knife holders are designed for easy replacement if the need arises
  • Replacing of screens, is as easy as unscrewing few screws, and hinging new screen on

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