Behind the scenes: The making of E-drive part 3

It’s time for the third and last part of our behind-the-scenes stories, where we will dive into the future of E-drive.

(If you missed the previous stories, read the first part about the development of E-drive here or the second part about the testing here.)

For today’s topic, we could think of no one better to talk to than our Product Development Manager and our Head of Research and Development.

The first part is based on an interview with Johannes Kjærsgaard, our Product Development Manager (left). The second part is based on an interview with Jens Vestergaard Nielsen, our Head of Development (right).

The article starts below the image. We hope that you’ll enjoy it.

A new generation of shredders

Before looking into the future of E-drive, let’s begin by talking a step backwards.

The M&J P250 E-drive was launched at IFAT Munich in 2022, however, the process of developing the E-drive started back long before that.

For a long time, we have been making efforts to reduce the impact that our business - and production especially - has on the environment. Among other, we have introduced new and high-tech, energy-saving production equipment, reduced our power consumption, and switched to carbon-neutral energy.

Introducing a waste shredder with lower operational power consumption is a natural extension of that, and something the market showed increasing interest in.

So, it was only natural for us to add an electric shredder to our portfolio.

As with all new technology, the development and testing process related to our E-drive shredder had to be even more meticulous than with a new hydraulic shredder. This to ensure that our customers would get a product that lives up to our high standards and with the power and durability that M&J Recycling is known for.

We are very proud of the results: A shredder that can lower your operational power consumption by up to 50% - and a solution unique to the P250 PreShred, as it is built differently than any other industrial shredder in the market.

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The future of E-drive

We are thankful that the market has shown such great interest in the P250 E-drive and it only confirms our belief that electric shredders have a rightful place in the market.

Therefore, it is only natural to expect that electric waste shredders are something we will see more of in the future.

We cannot go into details about our product roadmap at this stage, so exactly what will be part of our future releases is something you will have to wait and see. We can say this, though: The P250 E-drive will not be our only electric shredder.

We have many interesting releases in our pipeline, and we are working hard on developing new and equally useful products that will help and support you in the pursuit of a greener footprint, lower operational energy consumption and lower maintenance costs.

We hope that you will keep an eye out for our future releases, because we promise you that we have something great in store for you.

Meanwhile, if you want to know more about our E-drive, please check out the M&J P250 E-drive, or see our product page for an overview of our stationary pre-shredders, our mobile pre-shredders and our fine-shredders.