M&J P-series: Exchange of cutting table in less than 60 minutes

Our new P-Series - M&J P250 E-drive and hydraulic drive – will do much more than reduce your operational cost. It also gives you a modular design with a much simpler procedure when exchanging the cutting table. Or more precisely, now you only need to exchange the cutting unit.

And here is the good news: you can do it in less than 60 minutes.

“Before we used to exchange the entire cutting table, but with the new P-Series you only need to exchange the cutting unit. It’s a purely mechanical procedure, it’s very simple and very fast”, says Michael Stampe, Global Service Manager at M&J.

“It means that the drive unit stays almost untouched and if you have the hydraulic version of the M&J P250 you do not have to open the hydraulic system either”, Stampe concludes.

Take a look at our timelapse below to explore the simplicity, when exchanging the cutting unit.