Bulky Waste

Recycling bulky waste of varying size and weight

Bulky waste such as furniture, televisions, kitchen appliances, washing machines or bathroom fittings might be too large to be recycled conventionally, but they are far too valuable to be left unutilized.

Utilize the resources in awkwardly sized objects

Bulky waste is inherently difficult to handle. Large devices and appliances, however, also contain large amounts of useful materials that can be recovered and sold on. Many of the difficulties faced when processing bulky waste come down to size.

Large objects cause headaches when it comes to transportation, and moving them around is often expensive. Bulky waste can be processed in the same way as other waste types if it is first reduced to the correct grain size. Pre-shredding bulky waste allows for compact loading of the material, which cuts transportation costs significantly.

With a smaller gain size, the waste can be processed more efficiently. Screening and sorting can be done more accurately, and different materials are faster in their own stacks, meaning that they can be given new life by reusing the resources


We know how

Lower costs: Shredding bulky materials cuts down on transportation costs.

Increase capacity: Reducing the size makes the waste easier to process and boosts recycling efficiency.

Improve output quality: A homogeneous grain size enables faster and more accurate screening and sorting.

Enjoy competent customer care: Service and expert support available 24/7 all year round.

We help you get the most out of your equipment

High quality equipment deserves the best service. Our waste recycling experts can help you maximize productivity and uptime with first-class parts and maintenance for your M&J shredder. We also know how to optimize the whole recycling process, train operators, and help in relocating the equipment.
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