Delivering 50% more efficiency by the hour

Countrystyle Recycling delivers a broad range of cost-effective waste management services in England. Based locally in Kent, Countrystyle works continuously to set new standards for sustainable quality end products in the South East region.

At the transfer station at New Spitafield Market, near London, and run by  Countrystyle, shredding had become an issue. Increasing resources spend on maintenance and less and less efficient processes called for a new solution. Watching a demo of the M&J PreShred 4000S made the decision.

The notion was that the robust frame design, the open cutting table with  minimum wear, the PLC control system with six standard programs, including two that can be individually programmed and the limited overall height and several other innovative features all add up to a high performing and trouble free solution.

New standards of productivity
Shredders from M&J Recycling are suitable in a wide range of different applications. The M&J PreShred 4000S was delivered with a special band of magnets in order to enhance efficiency directly at the sorting line.

The first reports inform that the investment has paid of for Countrystyle Recycling. Maintenance has been reduced to a minimum and performance and ease of operation has created a significant rise in productivity among employees. Last but not least the processing output also sets new standards and has grown with 50% by the hour.

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