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A brand that has proven itself
Kajima Construction belongs to the premier league of Japanese construction companies. The company is involved in a wide range of domestic and overseas projects and insists on having access to the very best equipment. When Japan was struck by a tsunami in 2011, Kajima Construction was one of many contractors helping with the clean-up and rebuilding. M&J Recycling machines were some of the tools used. The machines were so convincing in action that  Kajima Construction had no doubts when, several years later, it was time to select a new shredder for another big project in the region. The contact was handled via M&J Recycling’s Japanese dealers - KOUKI Corporation - with support from the head office in Denmark.

Clear quality requirements
The shredder will be used for reduction of disaster waste. More specifically, it will be shredding bags of contaminated soil for future processing, meaning that the customer had a range of clearly defined requirements relative to shredder performance, grain sizes, and capacity. It was soon evident that Kajima Construction needed the biggest and strongest machine in the market by far. 
M&J PreShred 6000S has the capacity to shred colossal quantities of waste. It is ideal when a very high capacity is required and for pre-shredding of either very voluminous or very heavy materials. The technology is based on a  special, patented knife design and open cutting tables. This gives excellent  results with mixed and challenging materials, maximum running time, and long life. These are all qualities which are absolutely essential to Kajima Construction for their extensive clean-up operations.

“ You are always cautious when selecting new machines. But we have no reservations as far as M&J PreShredders are concerned.”

The company
Kajima Corporation is a Japanese industrial contractor and construction company based in Tokyo. The company was established as early as 1840 and is considered one of the top five industrial contractors in Japan with activities in more than 20 countries and some 10,000 employees

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