No room for wasting time or money on machine breakdowns

No room for wasting time or money on machine breakdowns
Midway between Mauritius and Madagascar in the Indian Ocean lies the French island of La Reunion. An unusually beautiful island which, a few years ago, had the honour of being included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. On La Reunion, waste management and waste treatment are divided between a number of inter-municipal companies and various private players. Everyone is eagerly  sorting their waste - in order to both maintain the resources in the recyclable materials and to create a total waste solution for the island’s 850,000  inhabitants, so that the waste does not pile up. The island’s remote location means that the inhabitants are naturally very keen to create long-term and reliable solutions. Here, they are far from experts and service personnel if the systems should fail.

In safe hands at start-up
One of M&J Recycling’s French dealers, Vannier Tri Solutions, has been in close dialogue with local waste companies for a number of years with a view to delivering a pre-shredder to one of the island’s waste treatment plants. Furthermore, representatives from M&J Recycling met with representatives  of the regional council at Pollutec, which is an international exhibition of  environmental equipment technologies. Here, the last questions were  answered so that the regional council could feel 100% convinced that the M&J PreShred 4000S was the right candidate for the job. And to ensure the best possible start-up, M&J Recycling’s service team was, as always, there all the way when the machine was installed and the staff at the treatment facility were trained.

“We now have a reliable and robust pre-shredder, which runs flawlessly. It handles all types of tasks without problems, so we are extremely satisfied.”

The island
Administratively, La Réunion is a French “DOM” (= overseas department).  Réunion is as such an outermost region of the European Union and, as an overseas department of France, part of the Eurozone. Like elsewhere in France, the official language is French. In addition, the majority of the region’s population speaks Réunion Creole. 

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