Running the M&J PreShred has improved daily efficiency

Fowles Haulage in the UK is well-known for efficient transportation and treatment of miscellaneous waste products. Mobility is, obviously, essential to the company and they continuously seek new ways to accelerate daily processes.

Fowles Haulage has previously, and with good success, teamed up with M&J  Recycling and their mobile units. The reasons for choosing M&J Recycling, once again, were the same as the last time: The robust frame design, the high shredding capacity and the excellent mobility are ideal for the challenges Fowles Haulage meet every day. The choice fell on the all-new mobile M&J Preshred 4000M.

Since the all-new M&J Preshred 4000M sets new standards when it comes to both flexibility and height some adjustments had to be done in order to make the shredder fit with existing equipment.

This worked out well and now Fowles Haulage have a mobile shredder that easily can be transported on a trailer without worrying about the low bridges you often experience when driving in Great Britain.

The strength of efficient shredding and easy transportation
The mobile M&J Preshred 4000M is now all over the place shredding miscellaneous waste that is subsequently transported to incineration by  Fowles Haulage.

Although the mobile shredder is just up and running there is already great satisfaction with how easy it is to operate due to the new crawler technology and with how easily the extreme aggressive knife design shreds up to 70 tons of waste by the hour.

In fact, the efficiency of the new M&J Preshred 4000M ensures that each lorry  now transports 100% more waste with every load. This makes way for a  number of benefits. First of all, it improves daily efficiency and daily capacity and there is no doubt that the environment, in the long run, is going to benefit as well.

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