The mobile unit on rubber tracks, allows us to move it within the landfill area

Challenging fractions
EcoCenter needed a strong shredder for their industrial bulky waste. The amount of material to be treated per day is not particularly high, but the type of material definitely requires a reliable and resistant shredder. M&J Recycling carried out demos on the M&J PreShred 4000M and invited the management of the company to see the same machine operating by other customers. The M&J PreShred 4000M soon proved to be a unique shredder, without  competitors.
It is first in its kind, being able to suit to different applications and handling  many types of wastes, such as wood, compost and HHW. Such a flexibility is a key-point for a steadily growing company as EcoCenter.

Can grow as needed
Among its other advantages is easy load and possibility to dose the shredded material. And of course there is also Metso’s unique service. Metso Waste Recycling is organized to support the customers at any time and the service
can be planned on a medium term without any particular problem. The cost of each ton/hour is low and, in order to carry out service, you need to stop the machine only for short time.
The machine is today operating on top of an open-air landfill and is equipped with a dust-suppressing water irrigation system. Quantities have been increasing though on the plant, and the company expect a further increase in 2018, since the machine can carry out the job within an 8 hours shift.

The company
Eco-Center AG is an in-house company of the municipalities of South Tirol and the autonomous province of Bolzano. It operates an incinerator, a  fermentation plant, two landfill sites, several waste water treatment plants and the intercommunal main black water collectors.

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