Ahlström Collective Impact invests EUR 1 million in the welfare of children via UNICEF Finland


27 September, 2022 - Investment used for global education of children and to support children in Ukraine

Ahlström Collective Impact, a unique cooperation model bringing together the companies and foundations in the Ahlström network, has invested EUR 1 million in the global education of children and to support children in Ukraine. Ahlström Collective Impact made an investment of EUR 770,000 into UNICEF’s Global Education Program in 2022. In addition, the companies, employees, foundations, and shareholders within the Ahlström Collective Impact have raised nearly EUR 300,000 for the children in Ukraine.

The entire Ahlström network comes together

“Ahlström Capital’s mission is to build a better world for future generations through sustainable value creation. Ahlström Collective Impact is a great collaboration forum that brings together all our portfolio companies with the Ahlström foundations and UNICEF Finland. Together we are stronger”, says Lasse Heinonen, President and CEO of Ahlström Capital.

The Ahlström Collective Impact includes the entire Ahlström network of companies and foudations; Antti Ahlström Perilliset, Ahlström Capital, Ahlström Invest, Ahlstrom-Munksjö, Destia, Detection Technology, Enics, Glaston, Suominen, Avain Yhtiöt, M&J Recycling, the Eva Ahlström Foundation and Walter Ahlström Foundation. Ahlström Collective Impact was initiated by the Eva Ahlström Foundation in 2020, with the purpose of inspiring a new type of collaboration within the Ahlström network.

Investment in quality education

This year, Ahlström Collective Impact’s joint investments will be directed to UNICEF’s Global Education Program, supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number 4. UNICEF’s Global Education Program provides support for millions of children who need to continue to learn, grow and develop the skills necessary to thrive in life. By bringing together the companies and foundations in the Ahlström network, the initiative can have a bigger impact than the partners could have alone.

“Ahlström Collective Impact is very much a continuation of the values and beliefs held by my great-great-grandparents Antti and Eva Ahlström, who 170 years ago passionately argued that an investment in an equal education for girls and boys is the basis for a stable society, a prosperous business as well as the key to a sustainable future”, says Maria Ahlström-Bondestam, Chair of Ahlström Collective Impact.

"Education plays a key role in reducing inequality and poverty and strengthening societal stability. Right now, nearly two-thirds of ten-year-olds are unable to read and understand a simple text. UNICEF works for the education of every child, so that children would have the skills and abilities needed to thrive in the future. This work would not be possible without strong and innovative supporters like Ahlström Collective Impact", says Marja-Riitta Ketola,  Executive Director, UNICEF Finland.


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